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Being tall is a gift but it may not always feel that way. We've all had to grow into our long legs. We've had to learn how to feel beautiful in the body we were given. Alloy Apparel strives to empower women to feel confident in their own skin. We've proudly built a community of strong women who stand tall and proud. We love to see our customers supporting one another and growing confident together. Here are some of our favorite beauties who are making a difference in the Tall Girl World.

Alicia Jay | Height: 6' 6"

Alicia Jay is the 6’6” founder of TallSWAG, a place to stand Tall every day, in every way. She has overcome many challenges to stand Tall in her truth. From bullying to depression, she has used every roadblock to build a bridge to empower others and herself. She shares her confidence journey and faith built story on stages everywhere and is honored to grow with everyone as they build powerful stories of their own. She lives in Oakland, CA and you can usually find her eating as her appetite is as Tall as she is. #HungryTallGirl #StandTall #TallSWAG @TallSWAG


Stephanie Drew | Height: 6' 2"

Stefanie Drew, aka The Tallest Mermaid, is a 6'2 fashion, fitness, and lifestyle blogger/freelance model from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Often having trouble choosing just one passion to focus on, she loves singing in the shower, traveling when she can, and cosplaying on occasion.

Taylor Rhoden | Height: 6' 2"

Taylor is a 6’2 curve model and Tall fashion influencer, who is a WeWork event planner by day and a content creator by night. She was  born and raised in the great city of Chicago and now lives in Manhattan, New York where she continues to pursue her dreams. She uses her social platform to inspire, uplift, and encourage T(All) women.

Samantha Schulz | Height: 6' 1"

Samantha grew up in the Midwest but currently lives in Santa Monica, CA. She loves the endless sunshine and leads a very active lifestyle out west. Samantha is a registered nurse, personal trainer, nutritionist, and nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor. She loves the medical field, but fitness is her true passion. Given her height, she's been an athlete all her life! When Samantha isn't working at the hospital you will likely find her training at the gym, catching some waves at the beach, or going on hikes with her boxer puppy. Samantha believe's her height has brought so many blessings and opportunities into her life and she would not trade an inch! Samantha believes all tall ladies were made to stand out, and should do so confidently. Tall is beautiful!!